About us

We are experts and knowledgeable in immigration matters ranging from investment and employment visas to family petitions, citizenship and defense of deportation. We have a personalized proposal for each client and we take the necessary time from the beginning to understand their concerns. We are aware of what may be at risk in immigration cases. At NTL we believe it is important that our clients are well informed about their individual migration process in all cases.

The immigration law is complex and is constantly changing. You need an experienced, efficient and knowledgeable immigration lawyer. We are patient, we dedicate ourselves and we are committed to give you an answer in the sense of your situation or of your family member. At NTL, we take pride not only in providing quality service and service, but also in genuine concern and compassion for each of our clients. Each case is unique and different, and in NTL, we take the time to listen and understand your particular situation.

At NTL we truly believe in the representation of our clients jealously and ethically. You can always count on a report about your integrity and honesty. We take our ethical and moral responsibilities as lawyers very seriously and truly empathize with the situations that many of our clients face. As a result, we work very hard to ensure a high quality of service in our office. Contact us if you want or need help.